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Educational Philosophy

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Renowned acting coach Sandford Meisner once said, “The core belief of theatre is: ‘acting is doing.’” The same is true of education. In my theatre and English classroom, I believe the only way a student can truly learn is through firsthand experience.


My classroom is a laboratory where students feel safe, appreciated and unique, and have the opportunity to learn through experience. My job is to provide structure and firm expectations that allow ALL students opportunities to test theories and seek out methods within the structure that fill them with insight into the content matter. I use the subject matter as a tool to develop young people who create high expectations for themselves and in turn cultivate a sense of self-discipline and dedication. In addition, the subject matter is used as a tool to inspire and foster critical and creative thinking, facilitate the acquisition of lifelong learning skills, and develop creative problem-solving strategies, all of which are essential skills to thrive in our complex world.


I also believe it is imperative that I help each of my students celebrate the extreme diversity that exists in our world. My classroom is a place where diversity is embraced with acceptance. Most importantly, I believe compassion and mutual respect are vital in building self-esteem and individuality—two ideas that are continually and consistently reinforced.


My penultimate approach to classroom instruction is to design creative lesson plans where aesthetic experiences are sure to occur.  As a product of this type of learning, it is my responsibility to impart these experiences with the hope that my students will benefit as I did. 


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