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Participation Rubric

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Theatre Participation Rubric


Grade:                                                                                                                                      Student:


A (EXCELLENT)                            

              • Completes all assignments given to them with high regard to quality
              • Is intrinsically motivated to perform or work on their assignments
              • Works well with no reminders form the teacher
              • Stays on task in class without need of teacher supervision
              • Shows commitment of time and resources beyond class to projects/performances
              • Works well with others and shows positive leadership skills
              • Creates challenges or tasks for themselves to further their development
              • Helps other students and the group to be successful


B (GOOD)                                     

              • Completes all projects or performances with some regard to quality
              • Follows directions given by teacher
              • Has regular participation with little interruption
              • Works very well during class time
              • Spends some time outside of class working on projects


C (AVERAGE)                                

              • Completes all or most projects and/or performs to a satisfactory level
              • Stays on task only when teacher is present
              • Is extrinsically motivated to perform or work
              • Achieves desired results, but not at given deadlines
              • Does not work up to full potential or ability
              • Participates when extrinsically motivated to do so



              • Completes some projects or performs to a satisfactory level
              • Lacks participation and is tardy for class
              • Does not use time effectively to finish projects
              • Spends little or no time outside of class on projects/assignments
              • Is not invested in doing a good job
              • Gives unsatisfactory reasons why projects are not done on time
              • Student argues or demonstrates disrespect for the teacher or others in the class
              • Refuses to perform or work on projects
              • Does not show effort that matches their ability
              • Does not help other students or the group to be successful


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