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Ground Plan Rules

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Ground Plan


The big nine rules of an effective ground plan:

1.)   Must represent the Given Circumstances

2.)   Create an obstacle course

3.)   Use multiple planes of the stage

4.)   Use diagonals

5.)   Keep furniture away from walls

6.)   Pin down corners of the set and motivate reasons to go there

7.)   Open side walls to audience to increase tension within the scene

8.)   Create seated conversational areas (at least 5)

9.)   The “acting” furniture should occupy the middle planes of the stage


Activity: Sketch a ground plan that follows the 9 rules (10 minutes). Use this scene to inform your work.


“Kindertransport” by Diane Samuels


Helga: You should change your mind and come with me.

Eva: I haven’t got a case.

Helga: You could have your things sent on.

Eva: You said it was all right to come later.

Helga: I said I would prefer you to come now. There is enough money from Uncle Frank for a ticket.

Eva: I can’t just leave.

Helga: Why do you not want to be with your mother Eva?

Eva: Evelyn. My name is Evelyn.

Helga: Why are you so cold to me?

Eva: I don’t mean to be so cold.

Helga: We have been together a week and you are still years away.

Eva: I can’t help it.



With a partner, come up with a scene motivated by the set. Use ground plan to motivate the stage directions. 


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