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Physical Score 2

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Physical Score Project #2


  1. enter an imaginary place
  2. look for a place to sit
  3. move past imaginary others to sit down
  4. once seated, change your mind and move to the other chair
  5. interact with another imaginary classmate
  6. take notes on a lecture or demonstration
  7. attempt to get the teachers attention, but fail
  8. do something interesting
  9. let something in your circumstances upset you leave the classroom




Enter the classroom:

            How large is it? How light or dark? Cold or warm? How many people in the room? Where are the authority figures? How closely are they observing? What time of day is it? Are you late or on time? Where have you been just before this? What is your attitude toward this class? What do you expect to happen today? What are your plans for after class?


Look for a place to sit:

            How crowded is it already? Is your favorite place gone? Do you hope to sit next to someone in particular? Was there a crowd at the door? How easygoing or rude were the people at the door? How relieved or indifferent are you to have just arrived?


Move past others to sit down:

            How difficult is this task? How is the room set up? How narrow are the aisles? How cooperative are those you need to pass? Do you have to ask anyone to clear your path? How self-conscious are you? How likely is it that you are being observed?


Once seated, change your mind and move somewhere else:

            What is your motive for moving? Something puts you off where you are? Something attracts you to the other chair? Something beyond your control? How much of an endeavor is this going to be?


Interact with another classmate:

            Do you need this other persons help? Does he or she need your help? Is it related to class or personal? How well do you know this person?


Take notes on a lecture or demonstration:

            How do you go about getting out a notebook and something to write with? Do you need any other supplies? What is your attitude toward material presented? Is it clear, fascinating, obscure, boring? How urgent is your need to understand this stuff? How crucial is this class to your survival?


Attempt to get your teachers attention:

            Why do you make the effort? What exactly do you do? What’s going on up there that makes them ignore you? How aggressively do you pursue this objective before giving up? How devastating or inconsequential is being ignored to you? How often does this happen to you?


Do something interesting:

            Make sure it comes organically out of the situation.

Let something make you angry:

            The teacher? The person next to you? The chair? Your broken pencil? The moment before? An entirely new atrocity?


Leave the room:

            How has your life changed since you entered the room? What do you know now that you didn’t before? What do you care more or less about? How much of what you hoped for has happened? How much do you care who notices you leave? How much do you want to make a disturbance? What is the next objective you are shooting for?


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