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Design a new product or concept!


1.Create a 60 second spot (commercial) to advertise your product.


2.Draw a storyboard outline to show 3-6 basic phases of your commercial.


A storyboard looks like a cartoon or magazine layout. It is usually presented in sections or on separate pages or boards. It outlines the phases or parts of a commercial or concept. For this storyboard, use a piece of paper. Divide the paper into 3-6 boxes. Show what each phase of your commercial looks like. Here is an example:


  1. The mother enters the child’s room and sniffs the air.
  2. The mother looks under her child’s bed
  3. A monster pulls the mother under the bed
  4. ??????? Surprise ending with the message_________________


3. You need:


    1. The rehearsed commercial
    2. Appropriate costumes
    3. Sound
    4. A mock-up of your product

4. To meet standard:


  1. Have an understandable rate of speaking
  2. Meet the time of 60 seconds
  3. Be expressive, creative and tasteful. (not offensive to any group of people.)
  4. Be clear on what you want the audience to do after they see your commercial. Do you want them to buy, to act, to change, to dream, to stop something…etc…














Your group members: ______________________,______________________________



The name of your product___________________________________________________

Briefly describe the function or purpose of your product/how it works ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is the slogan for your product? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Use the space below to develop a logo for your product which will appear on the mock-up version.






























Use this space to create your final version of your storyboard:











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