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Silent Movie Project

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Silent Movie Project


For this project you will create a silent movie that includes music as underscoring. In groups of 4-5 you will need to create a 3-5 minute scene. The scene must include the following:


A strong sense of creativity demonstrated

Clear characters established

Clear relationships developed

Clear conflict defined

Action that fits the mood of the music

Must follow Aristotle’s unities of Time, Place and Action

Strong demonstration of work as an ensemble

Use of interior monologue, pantomime, and stage pictures

At least one example of a Comedic Character Trait

At least one Element of Comedy


Using the music you select, you will create a “Silent Movie” in which the mood of the music dictates the action. Create a “play” in which there is one character who faces some kind of conflict with another or others. Remember, conflict does not necessarily mean violence. Develop how the character gets into the situation, who else is involved, define the climax where the conflict is resolved and show how the main character has “changed” from beginning to end. Although this assignment will not be choreographed, it should fit the music.


You will have time in class to develop your work. There is a HIGH expectation of your dedication and quality.



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