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Course Approval

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New Course Approval Process

Instructor: André Rodriguez


Course Title: Creative Art-Comprehension

Department: PAH

Level: 9—12


Date for presentation to Department Managers: 11/17


First Filter: School Wide


1.)    How will you staff this class? PAH FTE earned in spring 2010.


2.) How will this class connect with or enhance the mission of our school? Creative Art is a semester long class where students interact with all of the arts emphasis areas offered by the Pomona Arts and Humanities program. This course will provide students of all abilities and learning styles new and effective ways of interacting with various modes of art. During hands-on workshops, students in any emphasis area can unleash their inner artist and discover ways to enliven their artistry through techniques that not only meet the Colorado Model Content Standards, but require students to engage, question and collaborate, all areas consistent with the mission of Pomona High School. Further, when students hone their creativity, they become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and become positive contributors in the community. Creative Art nurtures these qualities.


3.)    How does it affect the total master scheduling process/product?


It’s uncertain how this class will affect scheduling.


4.)    What is the anticipated enrollment?


A maximum of one section (22-26 students); currently, the semester long class has 22 students in the fall 2010 semester.


5.)    What are the financial support/materials considerations?


There are no financial support materials required for this class.


6.)    How does this course help At-Risk/Sped/504 student options?


This is a hands-on, experiential learning environment where students of all abilities

can interact with art in new and exciting ways. This course will Equip all students with 21st century skills they’ll need in order to be successful.


7.)    Will this course meet NCAA requirements? Uncertain

8.)    Students per class? 22-26 students


Second Filter: Department Managers


1.)    How does offering this class impact other departments?


  • Recruitment for other arts programs 
  • Prepare students with foundational skills in order to be confident with emphasis course work
  • Develop interpersonal skills and develop camaraderie among PAH students



2.)    How does this course meet the new Graduation requirements? Uncertain



3.)    What are the CAP implications? CAP does not currently address this course.


Third Filter: Department

1.)    How does it contribute to helping students meet standards and/or be successful?

Prepare students with foundational skills in order to be confident with emphasis course work

2.)    How is it different than what is currently being offered in our department? Expose students to all arts areas. This experience will help them decide the area of student they would like to concentrate. This course will provide them with broad experiences in theatre, visual art, instrumental and vocal music. The culmination is a trip to the DCPA where students will attend the symphony and tour the largest art complex in the world.

3.)    Is the course a foundation course, an extension of a course already in place or does it stand alone?

Foundation course; however, it is not a prerequisite.

4.)    Who will teach this course? André Rodriguez or another PAH elective teacher

5.)    Is it a new class or is a current class being replaced? As of fall 2010, this is a new course being offered. 


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